Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Smart devices are out of ideas.

Have you noticed something about the smartphones which most of us are using nowadays, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. This statement has never been truer than now. All the mainstream Android brands i.e. Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola and Nexus are now making smartphones that are powered by the same Chipset (engine), made by Qualcomm.  They are all using the same displays probably made by Samsung. The same battery and running the same software. Differences are only showing up cosmetically.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have exhausted the ideas. Back in the day, a new smartphone was a new smartphone. It would be the stuff of legend, boys and girls. It packed new software, new design and shape and everything was different. Honestly, I haven’t seen a new smartphone since the Galaxy S III (2012). From that moment (and some of you could even argue that since the coming of the iPhone), All smartphones have just become larger and more powerful. They aren’t doing anything new. Most users (The social networking type) don’t make use of all the extra power.

So the trend is now steering towards, health and wearables. Everyone is now coming up with some kind of smart watch, smart band, smart glasses, name it. We are soon gonna have smart under wear.

Do you have any new ideas for future smartphones or are we all doomed with the ever expanding glass faced rectangles?

 If you don’t share your idea, Apple is just going to slim down its phones more until you can bend them like a piece of paper or use them to slice bread. Samsung is gonna increase pixel count until they need to use scientific notation to show screen resolution. Nokia (I mean Microsoft) is gonna stop until it has used up all the colors of the rainbow.