Monday, November 11, 2013

Windows Phone Suggestion box

So we all know that for some reason Windows Phone has all the basics missing. Why Microsoft thought that things like screen rotate lock needed to come after three software updates is beyond my understanding. This is a big issue however and it has been raised on almost every tech site on the internet. But somehow Microsoft hasn't seen any of these complains. This could be because they use Bing as the primary search engine.

If you are reading this post, you probably have a Windows Phone and you have come across a couple of frustrating points. Microsoft is already testing Windows Phone Blue or 8.1 or whatever you would like to call it . They have actually put up a suggestion box where the likes of you and me can share ideas about what features you would like to see in Windows Phone. It also allows you to vote on the already listed suggestion. There are hundreds of them. It makes you wonder what they were developing for five years because everything seems to be missing.

Remember most important features are:

  • Centralised notifications
  • File management
  • Extra codec support for multi-media. 
  • Remove OS limitations for third party apps (Remove all OS limitations)
  • Fix known bugs such as the sensor issues with Lumia devices.

Click Here and vote or suggest a feature that you would like to see in future Windows Phone updates

Some of the other things I have noticed missing or those that need improvement include:

  • Shortcuts to easily toggle network switches like WIFI, and Bluetooth
  • Overall system font size should be reduced and app design changed to use up screen real estate more efficiently.
  • Use of static IP address.
  • Phone should be able to charge when switched off
  • Separate volume controls for music and ring tones. 
  • Music player needs a seek bar. 
  • Playlists should be implemented as these are locked for third party apps
  • The dedicated Bing button should be programmable because most people don't use this and it's annoying every time you accidentally tap it.
  • No CUT option in text editing. Only COPY option..

Please let us know if you have encountered anything else that I may not have covered in  in both articles.