Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The Significance of this app on the Windows Phone Store:

The presence of this app on both the Windows store and the Windows Phone store shows a lot of growth for this platform. Why am I making a big deal about this app? You may ask. Well its simple. There was a reason it wasn't possible to have this app on Windows 8.0 or Windows Phone 8.0  . The reason is that it wasn't possible to manipulate sound and access file system especially on Windows Phone.

Audio EQ.

Apart from Nokia, No other OEM was able to use an audio EQ because they did not have the necessary access to the sound system. The audio system on Windows Phone 8.0 is so backward that even a simple thing like volume change wasn't possible via third party apps. Simply using a slider to move through an audio track was a thing of the future.

File System Access

Access to the file system in Windows Phone 8.0 could only be archived via a dream. The Email app however still needs an update because attachments are still limited to just photos. This is however better that what IOS offers.

Why Edjing?

Edjing is a turn table, mixer app available on all mobile and desktop platforms. But we shall stick to mobile. This app requires access to the music library,

  •  Has a built in EQ. 
  • Can play music faster or slower.
  • And everything else that you would expect from a turn table mixer app.

NB: All the above aren't possible with version 8.0

Edjing has been available on IOS and Android for a while. Android is like way ahead of the competition in terms of features and developer friendliness. Android has apps that can easily communicate with other apps. IOS and Windows Phone are still working on this.

Good to know that developers are actually taking advantage of these new APIs.

If you are interested in the app fins it here.