Sunday, April 20, 2014

The small things you didnt know about Windows Phone 8.1

By now most of us have played around with Windows Phone's latest incarnation. And we pretty much know what it is capable of. I mean we knew 99% of these things way before it was even released. We all know the big list of major changes that are flooding the web as you read this post.

I'm not gonna be writing about the massive change log in WP8.1. I'm not even gonna list them down. But what I'm gonna talk about is my personal take on the whole thing. of course that's after I tell you the small things that you haven't noticed yet.

The icon animations at the top have been slowed down as you rotate your device. They take their time as they do the rotation to the new orientation.
The dialler supports few sized picture when you are making a call. Is not just the black screen any more.
The store will handle those "attention requiring" downloads automatically. You don't have to hit all of them to start re downloading again.
Facebook integration improved with larger images. In fact it looks like the actual Facebook now (But without the blue.)
Font size reduced a little in some parts of the OS e.g the Lock screen

My take on Windows Phone 8.1
It was a much needed update that sorted out a lot of issues with Windows Phone. I mean I can now now brag openly with my 920.

My biggest problem, and I'm starting to think this isn't a priority for Microsoft at all, is Music sound quality. 9/10 blogs on the web rate Windows Phones as average and sometimes below average when it comes to sound quality. And the sad truth is that they are actually right. Forget this eye candy Xbox Music, Nokia Music or whatever music. The OS still doesn't allow for third party audio engines and that is why you  are not going to have those awesome music apps (The ones on Android) yet.

I really wish the settings app would get a make over. I don't know about you guys but I find it really ugly. That large font just nails the coffin locked.

If you have noticed something that you feel the world may not  have noticed yet, or you want to share about a feature that made or killed your day. Let us know ..