Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Koenigsegg teases 1340bhp hyper-Agera

Koenigsegg  (kion-gs-egg), a re known hyper car manufacturer will reveal its 1340 bhp hyper-Agera next month. The Koenigsegg brand is by far the most adored hyper car brand. They not only have the fastest road legal car on the planet, but they also have easily the most good looking hyper car on the planet.

Koenigsegg is a Swedish car manufacture founded by a Christian von Koenigsegg in 1993. Christian was always facinated by sports cars and always deremt of building his own car one day. At the age of 20, he achieved this dream with the Koenigsegg CC sports car which took the world by storm.  He later went on to build the Koenigsegg CCR, Koenigsegg CCX, Koenigsegg and lots more CC models.

The most impresive Koenigseggs that have been curved out of his factory have been the Agera branded ones. These are the 2013 Koenigsegg Agera, Agera S and best of all and probably the most loved sports car on the planet, the Koenigsegg Agera R.

The Agera R  has an incredible top speed of approximately 440 km/h (273mph). To put this into perspective, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is just a turd slower than that.  Just like all other R Koenigseggs models, it runs on E85 biofuel. This fuel provides more power and is greener. The Agera R features F1-style traction control with 5 different handling modes. 

Koenigsegg Agera R

This car cost $1,000,000, yes just half the price of a Bugatti but its lighter due to its carbon fibre construction, and has a smaller engine giving it more power too weight ratio, So its faster and handles better. 

Koenigsegg has teased a new Agera that's gonna hit Geneva motor show. Its the Koenigsegg Agera One. Fingers crossed. This may be what you have been waiting to see before you die.

For more info: visit Koenigsegg