Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES 2014

For starters Happy 2014. The year has started off on a good note for the nerds among us. The CES is a consumer electronics and technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.
All those companies that I'm sure you are familiar with, come to this show with all there prototype and concept products which will be hitting the market in future. A lot is going on but I will only hit on the breath taking, jaw-dropping products that have been unveiled.

BMW unveils self driving car

BMW has unveiled a self driving car platform. This platform, known as Active Assist that's been built into a new prototype car, is a series of control systems that allow the car to react to fluctuating grip levels and bring the car back under control precisely, automatically and without driver input. It does this by both braking individual wheels and adjusting steering input while monitoring road conditions using lidar, radar, ultrasound and optical cameras.

The technology also has an app that is fully compatible with Samsung's Galaxy Gear. The app delivers the BMW i3's remaining range, battery charge level and any departure times you've entered into the app, plus whether or not the doors, windows or sunroof are open.

The car has auto parking systems that park the car for you. All you have to do it let it know that you want to park. It will automatically determine a space big enough for it and will do the parking for you. The car can also auto drive in traffic jam by using sensors at the front and back of the car to maintain distance from other cars and automatically makes slight steering adjustments to stay in lane.

Samsung and LG unveil first ever flexible TVs

The two Korean brothers, you guessed it, Samsung and LG are playing, "anything you can do, I can do better". Both companies have unveiled flexible Televisions. Samsung has a 85 inch flexible display while LG has showed off a 77 inch flexible display. Both of these TVs are flat and can bend with a press of a button. Both companies have also show cased their huge 100 + inch UHD TVs at the event.

NB: While the above companies have show cased thier 4K ready TVs, Toshiba also unveiled an extra wide UHD 5K ready TV.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro with new Magazine UI

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 12 Pro, Galaxy Tab 10 Pro and Galaxy Tab 8 Pro. These tablets have the same design as any Samsung tablet out there. They have the same high end spec we have become accustomed to. The difference is that Samsung has actually redesigned a new UI. The Magazine UI has replaced the all familiar Touch Wiz UI. The tablets are powered by Kit Kat 4.4. The Note has an S pen while the two Tabs don't.


 Sony has unveiled a couple of new Bravia Tvs of different sizes and price ranges. They are capable of 4K UHD resolutions. They TVs have a new design although the bezels could have been a turd smaller.

This year Sony seems to be focusing more on cameras and cam coders.Various new models have been unveiled with new optics and larger sensors. The Handy cams are able to capture  video at 4K resolutions.
Sony has also unveiled a smaller Xperia Z1. This smartphone is capable of everything that big brother can do.  A wearable device known as the core wearable was also show cased. This is a bracelet like gadget that trucks and logs your life activities as long as you are wearing it.

Gaming CES 2014

In the PC gaming department, the major players ie Alienware, Alternate, CyberpowerPC, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, Next SPA, SCAN, Zotac, Webhallen,, Gigabyte, Maingear, and Digital Storm.have displayed their Steam dedicated machines.

Steam is a popular PC gaming platform that enables users to connect and access there games in a beautiful UI without navigating the OS. It is available on Windows Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux.

These are basically very high end gaming PCs coming under one unified brand. Consoles be ware.

Nikon has come out with a wide range of pro Cameras. The list is just endless.

We shall keep you up to date with more as it happens at CES 2014. Stay tuned.