Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gaming round up

Monthly Review

Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One

A lot has happened recently in the gaming realm and I thought I will compress it all for you in just one article. We shall be talking about Malfunctioning PS4s and the best new games and accessories available for various platforms.

PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 which recently hit the stores, seems to be having some trouble. The console may have sold about 1 million units on day one but many users are reporting that the console is dead out of the box. Now I cannot begin to tell you how annoying it is to find out that you just spent about $500 on something dead.

It is being called the blue light of death as the console fails to boot and goes into a loop.  Sony is however looking into the problem and hopefully will get it fixed.

MOGA Ace controller

Smartphones are becoming the preferred portable gaming device and it is no surprise that there are lots of gaming accessories out there. Today we shall however be looking at the new MOGA Ace controller for the latest gen iOS devices. This beautiful device locks your iPhone 5+ or iPod in and connects via the lightening port. It has a spare battery pack which keeps your device going.

This controller provides you with all the common buttons that you are used to plus you can still use the touch screen and accelerometer. The downside with this controller and this affects all of them, is that the game has to have built in native support for external accessories for it to function.

Battle field 4

First off, if your mother doesn't like it when you play with guns, stop reading. For those who just love First Person Shooters, Battle Field is a must have.

The game lights up the screen with its breath taking graphics and realistic game play. It's available on all three platforms, ie PC, Xbox One and PS4. Since the two mentioned consoles are now more of PCs, the game looks almost identical to all three.

For more about the game, click here.

Asphalt 8

The eighth incurnation of probably the best mobile arcade racer is back and this time on all major platforms. In addition to the obvious iOS and Android support, the game is now supported on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It is virtually identical on all platforms. iOS version is a little graphically superior to the rest.

The game is free on Android and iOS but has in game purchases and ads. It costs about $1 on both Windows Platforms without the in game purchases and ads.

Gran Turismo 6

To all Gran Turismo fans, you now have something to go against Forza Motorsport 5. It's now 15 years since the first game and boy has this racing simulator grown. It has a new graphics engine, new handling physics, a new render engine, new suspension and tire model and new aerodynamic model. All this is intended to make the driving more realistic.

The game is available on , believe it or not PS3. This is a real dilemma because the game was released on PS3 at the same time the PS4 was  released. Remember PS4 is not backward compatible with PS3 and polyphony, the makers of the game sya that PS3 has 70 million users while PS4 is new. Fingers crossed about a PS4 version. If it is released, you may end up buying two copies of the game.

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